More than sushi

Sushi, Fusion Dining, and cocktails

Welcome to a holistic restaurant experience, where good food, music, and ambience all come together. We serve tasty dishes in exclusive lounge surroundings at comfortable prices.
Koi Sushi is more than sushi. It’s Fusion Dining, where we combine sushi with the most delicious ingredients and create completely unique dishes.

You deserve an extraordinary dining experience

We know that the food is just one part of the overall restaurant experience. For that reason, not only the dishes are carefully selected – the location, decor, service, and music are all part of one cohesive unity. The combination of every element forms the extraordinary dining experience.
It's not just the food that's piquant – we spice up the whole experience. Enjoy a gastronomic adventure in our newly refurbished place just across from Flakhaven.
Bon appetite.

Sushi & cocktails

Koi Sushi er en unik sushi restaurant med en passion for japansk madlavning. Hos Koi Sushi stræber vi efter at levere frisk sushi efter højeste kvalitet, med øje for hver en råvare der indgår samt holde sushien i overensstemmelse med de japanske traditioner. Foruden dette efterstræber vi at tilfredsstille alle vores gæster med sushi af den lækreste kvalitet og god service. Velbekomme


Vi har et bredt udvalg af japanske retter samt cocktails.